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Stop wasting your time dating the wrong guys. DARE TO LOVE is a proven system that will allow you to attract a real man who gets you!

Join us this Saturday the 1st of July for this incredible 6-week journey <<<


Dare to love

I meet so many strong independent women who have it all… except love.

They’re successful, beautiful, free, abundant, respected. And… for some reason it seems particularly difficult for this type of woman to find her man. 

I know you’re not the type to take just any generic “manifest true love” course. You’re too smart for that. You’ve done too much inner work, are too self-aware and you know that not just anyone can help you find that blindspot that’s hiding in your peripheral.

I know what it feels like to be absolutely ready to find true love and build a family. I also understand how frustrating it can be to waste time on men who are not worth your attention.

My personal life journey and its many challenges have brought me to where I am now: living my life with the love of my life.

My mission is simple: to inspire you to dare to love…

Nalaya Chakana
Nice to meet you, I'm Nalaya

It's my pleasure to guide you on this journey

My speciality is to help you break free from the patterns that are holding you back from having the relationship you desire.

I mainly work with strong independent women who are facing reoccurring challenges in their love lives, and want to open up to a committed relationship that is far beyond what they have experienced in the past.

I’ve been working with men and women for over 13 years. My greatest credential, however, is the incredible relationship I have with the love of my life

I know your struggles because I’ve lived them. I know what it takes to release that last bit of resistance and then finally open up to attract the man that is truly meant for you!



The desire to share your life with your soul mate is one of the most natural and primal needs of our human existence. 

Don’t ever ridicule this desire. You deserve everything you have ever longed for in a relationship!

Let's do this!
STEP 1: Sign up for DARE TO LOVE. Only open to 20 women max
STEP 2: Share your story with the group & and get inspired by others
STEP 3: Commit yourself to all the rituals & integrative practices
STEP 4: After 6 weeks you are more confident & ready for true love!
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“DARE TO LOVE was nothing shy of magic for me. My experience and growth during her course were measurable internally and externally.  

I went into the course with hope and a readiness for change and came out with one of the greatest experiences of my life.

After my divorce I was alone for several years, during which I never quite felt open to allowing another man in. I understood that something in me had to change, in order to change my reality.  

During DARE TO LOVE I fell in love with my best friend. A man who knows me so well, who has always unconditionally been there. Although he had been right in front of me all this time – it wouldn’t have have been possible until now. Because what was needed, was for me to get rid of my protection, and to trust that love is possible again.  

I have a friend and confidant in Nalaya! She is so in touch with her own life and amazingly in-tune with the lives of those she guides.

I made friends that I consider to be friends for life. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! The light in me shines brighter for having known you and experiencing your spirit, passion, and love for what you do and who you are. Thank you! “

Heather Adams Miles
United States

“The moment DARE TO LOVE was launched, I signed up immediately. 

I wanted to let go of a lover that was occupying my heart for many years. Little did I know this would unravel and transform SO much more than I could have anticipated.  

This course helped me love parts of myself deemed unloveable. I released a huge amount of grief and found out what it is I truly want underneath all the stories and patterns of the past.

It was like everything ‘false’ was falling away, making room for the ‘truth’ I could never see until now.

I feel incredibly supported by Nalaya. Not only is she sensitively connected to those she works with – most importantly, she is the living example of what she teaches!

After first meeting Nalaya in Peru at a woman’s sweat-lodge, we stayed connected. I have always delicately looked at Nalayas shining with admiration and inspiration, relishing in her musings of wisdom and generous sharings and insights online since.

She is a true guide that I trust. “

Georgia Astridge

“One day I was completely stuck. My life had been a roller coaster for years, when I turned to Nalaya for guidance.

The recognition I felt during our first online conversation was truly liberating.

She taught me that there is no such thing as a void. When life seems to crumble apart, there is no void, but instead SPACE is created to attract everything I need and desire.

And that’s how it went.  

I trusted my heart to her and she guided me through various healing modalities. We were both at the other side of the world, yet the intensity was mind-blowing and I could feel her so closely.

Her guidance boosted my self-confidence, and since I have found my purpose.

Her sensitive, yet grounded approach has allowed me to reconnect to the power of my feminine. Not the feminist version, but truly the most primal aspect of womanhood.

I now embody a whole new dimension of my Femininity and guide other women in their journey. I’m so grateful. “

Stephanie Borgers

Prayer woman sky

JULY 1st - AUGUST 5th


* We are getting ready for our next pregnancy. This is your only chance to work with me for a while as I’ll be with maternity leave again


Women.. daring to love

Join this group of 20 strong independent women from all over the world. Listen to the lectures in your own time, and connect with the group to deepen your experience!

This Saturday the 1st of July we start. This is the final opportunity to join this incredible journey!