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This Saturday the 1st of July the journey starts! This will be the only opportunity before my next pregnancy when I will be offline again.


Are you fed up dating the wrong guys?

It’s so frustrating to keep wasting your time in relationships that don’t last. Especially when you know you are ready to commit and finally go deep with someone.

In my personal, as well as professional experience, I have observed that the blindspot for the strong independent woman is a very particular one… and… that most courses aren’t made for this kinda woman.

You long for a strong man who can truly meet you, and yet you end up dating boys. Or you spiral in relationships that are intense and hard work, when you know love should be easy!

You’re smart, aware and willing to take an honest look at yourself. You’re happy and succesful in all other aspects of life, but somehow haven’t managed to attract your soulmate.

If this is you, I promise you the journey of DARE TO LOVE will be the final efforts you make in order to have your most intimate dreams come true…

Nalaya Chakana

Let's do this together

There is nothing that fascinates me more than complicated love-stories and uncovering together how to break your existing patterns so that you can attract the love you desire!

The Tantric initiations I received during the 5 years I lived in India, as well as the Shamanic initiations I received during the 5 years I lived in Peru, are at the base of my teachings.

My greatest credential, of course, is the incredible relationship I have with Ruwan and our baby girl. 

My journey and how I got here is ultimately the best testimony to everything I share with you. I know exactly where you are. And understand exactly what it is you need to meet your soulmate.

I choose to teach DARE TO LOVE one time only before our next pregnancy. And it would truly be a pleasure to have you there!


After a lifetime of challenging and toxic relationships, I found Nalaya. I hit a rock bottom point after attracting two more narcissists into my life, back to back.

Nalaya helped me rewrite the programs that had been attracting and dictating my relationships. 

Not even 2 weeks after our work together completed I met my partner. I have fallen deeply in love with a man who has exceeded all my visions, dreams, and expectations of partnership.

I am now thriving in a relationship and experiencing my deepest desire of living life in love. I found an amazing man who actually fulfills my desires, and he feels the exact same way about me. Best of all, our relationship is SO EASY! 

If you are ready to do the work and embrace your truest desires for intimacy and partnership, don’t hesitate to join this program!

Out of all the soul work I have done over the last decade, from all the teachers, healers and guides I have worked with, the work I did with Nalaya is dearest to my heart. Infinitely grateful for Nalaya and what she offers to the world. “

Nikki Stearns
Somatic & Sacred Sexuality Coach

“When I signed up for DARE TO LOVE I was in the midst of a recurring pattern. I felt so discouraged that even after doing all of my personal development work, I was still attracting men that were just not right for me.

Already after signing up I felt something shift. Like I could finally give my desires the attention they deserve.

The space was held in an incredibly safe and sacred manner. I loved how everyone was so courageous to truly share their truth. It bonded us deeply.

During the course I could feel the power of sharing ALL of myself so vulnerably – from empowering stories, to feelings of lack, insecurity and fear.

The transformation I feel is so evident. I am more confident and so much more connected to myself and my needs!

I absolutely LOVE working with Nalaya. I have known her for about 5 years now. The work that I have been doing with her 1:1 and in her courses have made a huge impact on the person I’ve become, and the dream life I am creating. So grateful for it all! “

Joeke Hoeboer
Intuitive Women’s Coach

“Nalaya is one of the most soulful, inspiring and astute medicine women I have had the pleasure to know and work beside in this lifetime.

Amongst her many talents, Nalaya is particularly expert at guiding women to access and activate their innate feminine energy; their sensuality, sexuality and womb wisdom.  

As a practitioner in this field for many years, I can attest to the fact that Nalaya is absolutely exceptional at what she does – these days, in a world where (let’s face it) all a person has to do is set up a pretty Instagram account and claim to be a healer, it is incredibly rare to find a diamond of authenticity like Nalaya.  

This is a woman of deep integrity who resolutely ‘walks her walk’ – in a manner which permeates every aspect of her life.

Nalaya is the real deal. I have never seen her waver in her integrity, her grace or her capacity to acknowledge her own realness and humaness… thereby creating a remarkable container of deep safety and trust for those she works with.  

If you are considering working with Nalaya, go for it. I could not recommend someone more highly. All my blessings! “

Odette Gibbs
Tantra & Kundalini Teacher

July 1st til August 5th


This is a very unique journey in which you get the freedom to do the work in your own time, while simultaneously connecting with an amazing group of women. There’s something incredibly powerful to witnessing others, while allowing yourself to be witnessed too. 

What makes DARE TO LOVE so powerful is your story, your experiences, questions, fears and desires. The more vulnerably you share, the deeper you go. This is a journey we do together. One in which you are both the master, as well as the student. 


In most Shamanic traditions they will always look at the roots first before going further.

Your roots are your ancestors and all the beliefs, traits, blockages and unresolved trauma that has been passed onto you.

Your parents, community, culture and heritage have an incredible impact on how you relate to your own femininity, as well as how you relate or express yourself within a relationship.

Although you may disagree with certain imprints from your upbringing, they are within you – kinda like cellular memory.

In this module you will get the opportunity to release anything and everything that is contradicting with what you truly believe in, and that is impacting your path of love.

Lessons & integrative practices:

  • 0.0 Believe in Love
  • 1.1 Ancestral Clearing
  • 1.2 Sexual Shadows
  • 1.3 Fire Ritual

You need to let go of past relationships in order to be able to TRUST.

To trust in love, to trust in men, to trust in what you are truly worthy of experiencing.

In this module we’re going to focus on clearing your heart and sexual centre from any lingering energies connected to past lovers. 

To let go of the past goes beyond the people you used to date, and what you’re able to gain from letting them go fully.

This week we will also very much look at WHO YOU WERE in the past, that allowed for certain patterns to play out in your experiences. 

Lessons & integrative practices:

  • 2.1 Taking Responsibility
  • 2.2 Break up with a Previous Version of Yourself
  • 2.3 Karmic Relationships
  • 2.4 Clearing Your Sexual Center

If you date people who are less than what you actually want – you are protecting your heart. It’s as straightforward as that.

What is less straightforward, are the shadows we all cary that manage to sabotage the thing we desire most. 

In this module you will discover which shadows are lingering in the peripheral, and finally understand how you can dissolve them. 

We will also look at other aspects that keep you where you don’t want to be. So that you can finally break through!

Lessons & integrative practices:

  • 3.1 Self-sabotage
  • 3.2 Shadow of the feminine
  • 3.3 Addicted to love
  • 3.4 Expansion vs contraction
Sensual embrace true love
Sensual couple true love


This is the first steps into trusting LOVE in ways you never have before.

Now that you have released all that you needed to release, you are open and spacious. This is the only place from which you can invite your new vision… and therefore manifest love. 

The practices in this module, as well as the other modules of the “weeks of light”, are practical and guarantee success. 

However, I do need you to prepare for the overpowering element of pleasure and lightness.

In all my years of teaching, I’ve seen that many of us are more comfortable in the dark, than allowing the greatness of the light.

Lessons & integrative practices:

  • 4.1 Know Exactly What You Want
  • 4.2 Temptation
  • 4.3 How to Manifest Love
  • 4.4 Conscious Celibacy

Pleasure puts you in the ultimate state of healing and alignment. Through pleasure, joy, laughter or even orgasmic ecstasy, your entire body, mind and spirit are able to relax.

It is exactly in that space that magic can happen. If… you know how to consciously navigate that space. Conscious pleasure is a state of meditation that is reached in a playful way. 

So, let’s play!

The law of attraction is easy to understand: your resonance attracts a matching resonance. So the more you prioritise pleasure, the more of that you’ll magnetise.

This module is sensual, sweet, with a hint of magic. 

I will guide you to the edge of your comfort, and have you explore a side of pleasure you’ve not yet allowed yourself to go.

Lessons & integrative practices:

  • 5.1 The Value of Pleasure
  • 5.2 Orgasmic Magnetism
  • 5.3 Tantra in Daily Life
  • 5.4 Get off on Everything

Receptivity is the most underestimated and misunderstood power of the feminine.

As much as we are aware of this force and have undoubtedly experienced it – I think we can all honestly admit, it’s not easy to stay open.

It’s vulnerable and overwhelming to be open.

In this module we will ensure you continue with confidence after DTL is finished.

This module holds the final key to manifestation. This is what I call “Yoni Consciousness” – essentially the place from which your true feminine power arises.

Lessons & integrative practices:

  • 6.1 Dare to love
  • 6.2 The Power of the Feminine
  • 6.3 Yoni Consciousness (orgasmic practice)
  • 6.4 Continue with Confidence
6 Weeks

3 Weeks into the “Depth of Darkness” and 3 weeks into the “Heart of Light”

Group Support

The sharing of your stories is what will bring magic to this journey together

Audio Lectures

The lectures are pre-recorded so that you can listen in your own time

Integrative practices (PDF)

The rituals and practices are based on Shamanic and Tantric principles

Accountability Partner

Every week you connect with another participant for sharing & support

Weekly Q&A

In our private group chat I will answer all your questions and queries

July 1st til August 5th


This will be the only opportunity to work with me before my next pregnancy when I will be offline again.



Nalaya Chakana


You are welcome to hop on a 30-minute call with me for free! This will allow us to connect, get to know each other and see whether this course is truly a match for you.

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